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Twig Prep’s short films are not just "clips". Each film has been created by Twig World to inspire and engage young learners. Find out more about Twig Prep.

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For students aged 6-9, Tigtag fosters a love of science through film, practical and interactive activities. Tigtag is available as part of the complete Prep and Prep Science packages.

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  • "Twig Prep supports the curriculum in a fantastic way. It’s friendly, it’s lively and the visuals are stunning.”

    Kimberley Gillingham, Head of Science, Pembridge Hall

  • “Twig is an excellent resource – worth every penny. My pupils loved the short films.”

    Lee Trinnaman, Head of Science, University College School, Junior Branch

  • “Twig Prep is a fabulous resource – I am using it with my 11+ class to prepare for their Common Entrance science exam.”

    Karen Brown, Science Teacher, St Swithun’s Junior School

  • “Twig Prep is a versatile tool for both in and outside the classroom, allowing the boarding students to revise together using targeted and relevant short films.”

    Dora Bizannes, Geography teacher, St Mary’s Ascot

  • "I think Twig is absolutely ideal for children from all over the world of a whole range of abilities."

    Karl Frearson, Chief Advisor to Twig World, Head of Science at Eton College

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